Setting Up Skincare Fridge and Ulta Skincare Haul

Happy Saturday, everyone! So I’m sure many of you have heard of these skincare fridges and the hype that they have been getting lately and how everyone is getting one it seems, haha, well I am one of those people and I caved and got one as well! haha. I decided to treat myself and my skin to some new goodies and I’ll be sharing them on the blog today! 🙂

So first I’m going to share how I finally caved into getting one, haha. My cousin had one and it was so cute and had been thinking of getting one, but never did and then when I was over at my friend’s place (Hi Lauren, if you’re reading this!) and I saw that hers had a mirror on there I was like okay, I definitely need a skincare fridge and while mine doesn’t have a mirror I still love that it’s functional and cute. 🙂 


This is the one I got on Amazon, but I know Walmart and other places have one similar at a lower price and be just as functional. It has a little shelf area that can be removed and it has a little compartment for smaller face masks. It does make a humming sound so if you’re sensitive to sound then it may be an issue, but because I have my fan on during the night and I’m rarely home anyway, I don’t hear it much if at all sometimes. It’s almost helpful as I’ve noticed that I’m more productive with the humming noise in the background, haha. 

I want to share the items I already had prior to my Ulta trip and it isn’t a lot since I was planning to go on a little shopping spree soon, but I knew I was going to put these in my little fridge so I wanted to show you all. 


I purchased these rollers on Amazon and the ones I got were these and they are a two pack and I got the Rose Quartz one while my mother got the other one. I can’t wait to use this little thing and see if it actually makes a difference or not on my skin.


I got these eye masks from ColourPop and I’ve used them already and I love how they feel, but I can’t wait to try them on when they are cold. 🙂

Now I’ll be showing you the items I got on my trip to Ulta. I got a lot of face masks/sheets and I got a a gel moisturizer, serum and milk polish as well! 


As you can see I got a lot of face masks and I’ll try to link all the ones I can down below, but I’m so excited to try all of these products out!


Here are the products out of their packaging and they are just so cute. I do have a question to ask you all and my question is should I keep the serum inside my fridge or keep it a room temperature? I’ve tried looking it up, but can’t seem to find a definite answer, so if you know the answer, please let me know in the comments! 🙂 


Here’s an inside view of my skincare fridge and I’m honestly loving it so much. I did tuck the little detachable item that made a little shelf away and once I finish these masks I’ll add it back and reorganize it. 

Also fun news, I also did a bit of a mini vlog video for this so if you want to watch in video format, definitely give it a watch! 🙂 

I hope you all enjoyed this post and let me know down below what skincare you’re using now and any recommendations or tips you may have, down below! Do you have a skincare fridge? And if you don’t, do you want one? 🙂 



2 responses to “Setting Up Skincare Fridge and Ulta Skincare Haul”

  1. Great post! I’d never even considered a skincare fridge but this is such a great idea and way of making the products that much more cooling and refreshing! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Stephanie Alexandra Avatar
      Stephanie Alexandra

      It really is so refreshing in the mornings! I love it! 🥰

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