Estee Lauder Foundation and Primer Review

Happy Wednesday and happy 2022! After a little break, I’m back and working on more content this year. For today’s post I wanted to review two products from Estee Lauder.

So today I’m going to review two products from Estee Lauder and share some pictures of me wearing the foundation and I also have a Youtube video about these products and a TikTok video as well if y’all want to check those out, but with all that being said, let’s review these products! 🙂

Shade is 4W1 Honey Bronze

So I ordered this foundation online during an Ulta sale and not going to lie, I was nervous about it because I’ve always had issues in finding the right shade for me and doing this online was kind of a hit or miss for me, but luckily this shade works perfectly for me and I love how easy it is to blend and how you can build it up without it feeling or looking super cakey which is a plus for me. I also like that you do not need a lot for this to be a medium coverage for every day use. This foundation also doesn’t leave me super oily like some other foundations have which was also a problem for me with foundations that I’ve used in the past. I’ve used this for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t seen any changes so that’s a good sign and this has been my go-to foundation that I’ve been gravitated more towards so overall I am in love with this foundation and this was definitely a hit for me!

So with the foundation I saw this primer and I saw that it say shine control and wanted to try it out and this is also been my go-to primer right now! As I mentioned before other foundations have left me really oily or shiny and I wanted to see if this primer would control it or lessen the shine and it really does do that. I still have some oiliness, but I feel like that’s pretty normal, but I have noticed a big difference and I’m not super oily after a long day which is a huge plus. I love that it’s a gel like consistency because I at first thought it was going to be a thicker consistency, but it applies so smoothly and just melts into my skin and it feels hydrated as well. Definitely a favorite, for sure.

So as I’ve mentioned before I absolutely love these products and have been reaching for them more than my other products right now and here are some pictures from when I wore both products and I just love how it looks and feels and how it’s not too much for every day use.

So I hope you liked my little review of these Estee Lauder products and if you want to watch my review on YouTube you can click here and I’ll leave my TikTok here , as well. 🙂 happy 2022 and here’s to making the most of this year!


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