Makeup Haul | Morphe, ColourPop and Fenty Beauty

Happy May, everyone!! I have been gone for a minute now, but I’m back in the game and feeling creative and motivated to make some content so I’m excited to bring more content y’all’s way! With that being said, I have a makeup haul for y’all today. ☺️

So I recently went to Ulta and I got two eyeshadow palettes and a cream gloss and I love them! 🥰

Morphe 9P Petal Passion Eyeshadow Palette

These colors though 😍
Third row down

Colourpop By The Rosé Eyeshadow Palette

Third row down

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream – Cookie Jar

Love this color 🥰

I really love the items I got and I’ve definitely been leaning towards the pinks lately, could be the change of seasons, but I’ve been reaching for them a lot more lately. 😊 I also love the gloss from Fenty beauty, it’s not sticky or uncomfortable to wear and the color is so cute and I feel like it can be worn year round. 🥰

That’s it for my little makeup haul, I hope y’all liked it and if you picked up anything from Ulta lately, I’d love to know down in the comments!


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