Bath and Body Works Haul

Hey everyone, I hope y’all had a good Monday or whatever day you read this post on and continue to have a good rest of the week. So today I’m sharing my recent purchases from Bath and Body Works.

So I’ve gotten into using the wall plugs from them and I’ve been obsessed to say the least. Haha I got two new plugs and they’re simple but cute. One has a setting that you can control how much scent comes out and that’s very convenient because there are some that can be a bit too strong sometimes.

Then I got 5 fragrances to go with it as they were doing a 5 for $25 (maybe it was $35, I can’t remember at the moment haha)

I have a bit of a theme going on here but I’ve come to realize fresh scents are my thing. It really is relaxing too.

Then I got some car fragrances along with a car clip (but currently don’t have a picture of it but will insert it once I do get a picture of it) and three car refills (one I’m currently using which is a repeat but I’m not mad about it)

Then I got an aromatherapy mist and a hand cream. Gingham has been a favorite of mine. The mist smells so good and fresh and is soothing.

So that’s my little haul for today. I hope you all enjoyed it and let me know what you’re go-to fragrance from Bath and Body Works is in the comments below. 😊


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