Day in my life – Monday

Happy Monday, y’all. For today’s blog, I wanted to share how my day went and what all I did today. 🙂

So my plan to wake up at 5:30 am today backfired and I ended up waking up at around 7:40 am. Haha while it was later than planned, I still went to the gym and did a very light workout which consisted of 30 minutes of cardio and that really helped me get my start back into the gym again and starting my morning on a good note.

For my late breakfast, I got some Chick-N Minis with honey roasted BBQ and it was so good. Probably could’ve gotten something healthier but you’ll notice once I’m done that I did not do great today in terms of eating healthy. 😅

After my little breakfast, I went to get my nails done and I was so happy there wasn’t a line this morning and I’m also happy with how they came out. I did a coffin shape this time and I love it. I should get coffin more often and most likely will during the fall. 💕

After I finished at the nail salon I did some errands and while out in town, I grabbed lunch to-go and while it probably doesn’t look that appetizing in the picture, but it was a so good and filling. 🙂

Here’s some cute pictures of my dog from today and yes, the first one is him looking at me while I eat even though he had already eaten. 🥲

After chatting with my cousin for a bit, I took my time to study until I had to leave for school and ended up falling asleep for a bit but thankfully I had studied the days before a bit haha and once I saw it was 4:40 I got up and got ready to leave for school.

So after I got everything done and sorted, I put all my books in my bag and loaded it up in my car and headed to get my coffee before I headed to class. I wore my Suspish shirt today, it’s so comfy, I love it. 💕

I got my go-to coffee order at the moment and a little sweet treat and went to class. Once there, I studied briefly before class to get a refresher and waited for everyone to get there before we could start our test.

So I’m happy to say that I got a 94 on my first test and I’m proud of myself, I’ve been doing good and will continue to do so.

(Send all the good vibes as I prepare to take a quiz on 60 drugs next week.😅)

We finished chapter 4 and were done for the night, I headed back to town, got me some Arby’s and came home and am relaxing for the rest of the night and currently watching AlexisJayda’s new video. 😊

Today was a very productive day and I’m happy to have been both busy and relaxed for the most part for today. I definitely want to do more of these and just document more productive or fun moments in my life. I hope y’all enjoyed today’s post and I hope y’all had/have a wonderful day/night. 💕


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