August Glam Bag and Glam Bag Plus Goodies

Happy Thursday everyone. It’s been a minute since I posted so I wanted to share my glam bag goodies for August. 🙂

Here’s an overview of what I got this month. I love the bag this month and definitely plan to use it for future travels.

So in this is what we got this month: The Yensa Super Serum Silk Foundation in Natural Tan, then the Solution Doctor’s Scrub Ruby Crystal Microderm Exfoliator, then Beauty Jasmine Luxe Lash Volumizing Mascara and lastly the Dew of the Gods Fijifuji Collagen Whip Vitamin Mask.

I’m excited to try these and it’ll be quicker and easier to test them out seeing as they are travel-sized. I really want to see how the whip mask works and the exfoliator. 🙂

Now let’s get into the glam bag plus goodies!

So for the glam bag plus we got items picked by Alicia Keys (correct me if I’m wrong though haha) and I thought that was neat. 🙂

So we have some pretty good picks for this month. I’m loving the lipstick color from Pat McGrath in Extravaganza, and I’m interested in seeing how the spray is on my hair and the palette is so pretty, I can’t wait to try it as well.

So those are all the goodies from Ipsy for August and can’t wait to see what September brings. I also like the idea of combining both bags and will probably do that from now on. What did you like from both glam bags? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

I hope y’all have a good day/evening.


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