Home Decor | Spooky Season

Happy Tuesday everyone. I’m already in the spooky season mood so I did some light shopping and started adding some spooky touches to my room and wanted to share what all I got and how I arranged things.

So I went TJ Maxx and Ross to buy some things to bring in the soon-to-be spooky season and I also got some non-spooky related things, but I only shared one today as the rest was really just for storage purposes.

I got this little hamper and I like the size and how it doesn’t really bring much clutter to my already kind of cluttered room haha. The bat blanket I got from Ross and I also got the basket from TJ Maxx about a month or two ago. The blanket is super soft. 😍

I got this cute little white pumpkin with the “Witch Please” on it and I am loving how it looks on my night stand.

I saw this spider blanket and had to get it – this is also from Ross and it is also super soft. I got some cute blankets from Ross, for sure. Haha

So first things first, I am in love with these pillows. They are simple yet cute and super soft and fun-fact I almost didn’t get them, but I’m so glad I did. 🥰

Lastly, I got this little Boo tumbler cup from TJ Maxx – simple, but functional.

I also filmed a video about this and I will leave the link here and I’ll attach the video here as well.

I hope y’all enjoyed this post and let me know if you’re ready for spooky season! 🖤


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