The Spooky Would You Rather Book Tag – Halloween 2022

Happy Halloween, y’all! I hope y’all had a fun time today or this past weekend if you did celebrate Halloween this year. I, sadly, wasn’t able to do any festive things this year so to be in the spirit of Halloween I wanted to do this Halloween book tag. 🙂

So I was looking up tags I wanted to potentially do today and I found this one from Blogging With Dragons and in her post she does give credit to who came up with the original tag if you’d like to check it out. 🙂

It’s been a minute since I did a tag, much less a book tag so I wanted to give this one a try this year. So, let’s get to the questions!

Thrillers Or Supernatural?

Before I entered my reading slump (currently still ongoing, sadly), I read a lot of thrillers and I’ve noticed that I have gravitated more to thrillers lately so my answer would be thrillers.

Ghosts Or Zombies?

I would have to say ghosts. Don’t get me wrong a zombie apocalypse could be interesting to read, but I think reading about ghosts and the unexplained would definitely be a mood for spooky season.

Vampires Or Werewolves?

Gosh, this is a tough one. I love both more so werewolves because they are beautiful animals, but if I had to choose book-wise, I’d go with vampires.

Witches Or Demons?

Okay this one is a bit tricky. Both are interesting topics to read about in their own way, butttt I’d have to say witches. I don’t think I’ve read any books that deals with demons yet, but I do plan to eventually and see how I feel about them.

Read A Book With 13 Chapters Or A Book With A Black Cat On The Cover?

By far the easiest question on here, black cat on the cover! I love black cats and I really hope to get one in the future haha.

Read A Spooky Book In The Dark With Only A Candle For Light Or By Yourself In A Locked Brightly Lit Room?

I am a mood reader so if the book is spooky it has to match my environment so definitely read a book in the dark with only a candle for light.

Face Your Worst Fears Or Be Trapped In The Mind Of A Killer?

Ooh I like this question. So I would rather not face my worst fears as of right now so I’ll take trapped in the mind of a killer – it sounds interesting and would be a wild experience to say the least.

Watch A Scary Movie Or Read A Scary Book?

I would rather read a scary book. The suspense and the wanting to know what happens next or a plot twist you didn’t see coming is far more fun than watching a scary movie as it’s more interactive, in my opinion.

Read Spooky Books During The Autumn Or All Year?

I read spooky books even when it’s not autumn so I’d say all year and while I’ve read some good books this autumn so far I’m sad my reading slump is kinda weighing me down in reading the ones I want to read before the year is over. Hopefully that’ll change this upcoming month.

Read 10 Spooky Books In October Or 10 Spooky Books All Year?

I get overwhelmed reading so many books in one month as is so I’d have to say 10 spooky books all year. I’d need a break if I were to read 10 books in a month. Haha

So this was the Spooky Halloween Would You Rather Book Tag and I really enjoyed this and I hope y’all did, too. 🙂

Happy Halloween!🎃


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